Almost nothing happened and yet it is impossible to free
ourselves of the vertigo
Something has begun to move, powers with which there is
no question of compromise,
Like those of opium or Christ, the victims of love are
happy victims first of all
And the life circulating in us this morning has just been
increased to prodigious proportions.

Yet it is the same light, in the morning, that arrives and
But the world perceived through the eyes of two people
has a completely different meaning;
I no longer know if we are in love or in revolutionary
After we both spoke, you bought a biography of
Maximilien Robespierre.

I know that resignation has just left with the ease of dead
I know that its departure fills me with an incredibly
strong joy
I know that a completely new period of history has just
Today and for an indeterminate time we are penetrating
another world, and I know that, in this other world,
everything can be rebuilt.


Translated from the French by Gavin Bowd

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