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Support Image: Support Artists

Support Image: Support Artists

Since 1989, Image has championed the transformative role that art invigorated by faith can play in the lives of individuals and the culture at large. Thirty-two years in, we’re still convinced that the work being produced at the intersection of art and faith is essential—and worth celebrating.

Our mission is to foster contemporary art and writing that grapple with the mystery of being human by curating, cultivating, convening, and celebrating work that explores religious faith and spiritual questions.

Even as we’ve done some belt-tightening in the last year, weve steadily produced our flagship journal of award-winning poetry, fiction, criticism, and visual art for a growing number of subscribers. And through our annual Glen Workshop, LEngle Seminars, and prizes, weve gathered and nurtured artists of faith, allowing them to develop their craft with friends and fellow pilgrims.

There is so much work we are keen to do in 2022, including live performances, readings, and symposia, online courses and workshops, expanded journal coverage and web publishing, and collaborations with other cultural institutions. 

But that good work cannot happen without your support. Your gift at any level makes things happen: 

  • $100 supports the work of a poet by publishing them in Image.
  • $250 compensates a writer for an essay or fiction in the journal.
  • $500 maintains one month of our web presence and our full archive.
  • $750 covers one month of medical insurance for an Image staffer.
  • $1,000 endows a scholarship for a writer or artist at the Glen Workshop.
  • $5,000 funds a four-part seminar of dynamic guests discussing art and faith.
  • $10,000 prints one issue of the journal and covers distribution to nearly 3,000 subscribers.


Wont you consider joining us in this important work by offering your financial support? At whatever level you are able to give, your gift will be carefully stewarded and deeply appreciated. 

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