Phil Klay

Artist of the Month

“Putting the story on the page is a product of doubt, not a product of certainty. I write because I’m troubled or confused or fascinated by something in human experience I don’t understand, and writing allows me a way to expose my own ignorance further. For me, a story begins with questions far more often than with answers.”

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Lauren F. Winner

Interviewed by Mary Kenagy Mitchell

Bruce Cockburn

Interviewed by Andy Whitman

Scott Russell Sanders

Interviewed by Carolyn Perry and Wayne Zade

Melissa Pritchard

Interviewed by Mary Kenagy Mitchell

Marilyn Nelson

Interviewed by Jeanne Murray Walker

The Glen Workshop, a program of Image, began in 1995 as an innovative event combining the best elements of a workshop, an arts festival, and a spiritual retreat.

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God's Truth Is Life

Christian Wiman on faith and the craft of poetry.

Unless a Kernel of Wheat Falls

Ryan Masters tells the story of his grief when his first child dies during birth.


Morgan Meis surprises himself by converting to Catholicism in Sri Lanka.

The Yoke of Sympathy

Mary Kenagy Mitchell on a writer’s relationship to her characters.


Erin McGraw on the nature and value of beauty.

Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear

Andrew Hudgins discovers Jesus jokes.

The Rule of Life

D.L. Mayfield teaches English to East African immigrants and wonders if it’s the best way to help.

This Is My Body

Suzanne M. Wolfe on the self-imposed hunger strike of her adolescence. 

 Special Topics

Evolution and the Imago Dei

Explore the intersection of faith, science, and art.

Why Believe in God?

We put it to a group of writers, artists, filmmakers, and musicians: At a time in human history when religious faith is called not only out-of-date but malignant, why do you believe?


Road films. Horror films. Films on marriage. Divine comedies. We love movies. Do you? We’ve got you covered.


“Not since O’Connor’s Mystery and Manners has there been such bracing insight on the pile-up where art and faith collide.”

—Annie Dillard 

The Word-Soaked World: Troubling the Lexicon of Art & Faith

This collection of short essays demonstrates the push-pull relationship believing artists have with words: We are in pursuit of a God who is revealed through the poetry of the oldest Psalms, but whose true name is impossible to pronounce.

The Landscape of Art & Faith

What is the contemporary literary climate like for writers of faith? How will they fare in the future?

Into the Artworld

Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton
Artworld Prestige by Timothy Van Laar and Leonard Diepeveen

Review by Theodore L. Prescott

The Everlasting Song

Simple Gifts: Great Hymns: One Man’s Search for Grace by Bill Henderson

Review by Beth Bev

The Nature of a Marriage

The Maytrees by Annie Dillard

Review by Jessica Murphy

El Cristo de Piedra

By Orlando Ricardo Menes


By Katherine Coles

Infantile Paralysis

By Kathleen L. Housley

Against the Light

By Jean Hollander